Korean For Every Family

After struggling to find quality Korean children’s books without expensive mark-ups or shipping fees, a simple idea was born.

The dream was to create a series of Korean books specifically for families living outside of Korea.

Cadamini Books are thoughtfully designed to add Korean exposure while also reinforcing Korean language in a fun and simple way.

Cadamini Books are delightfully illustrated and lovingly designed. They’re so inviting for any reader looking to learn and explore Korean!
– Andrea Tsurumi

Something for Everyone

No two families look the same. And, that goes for Korean-speakers as well. One home might have two native-speakers while another might have a transracial adoptee and a non-Korean speaker. Some homes might have a caregiver who grew up learning Korean, but has forgotten some of the basics.

By including Korean, English, and Romanized Korean, Cadamini Books can be enjoyed together by anybody.

Creating engaging, accessible stories to help you build a vibrant and practical Korean library
Praise for Cadamini Books


Your book arrived a few days ago, and my son (19 months old) has asked both me and my husband (non-Korean speaker) to read it over and over again. I love the Korean adjectives that are so culturally on point! I love the diverse people and the style of illustration. I love that there are so many things my child can point to so that we can name and describe them. Thank you for pouring so much into this book and sharing it with the world!
- C
It’s so hard to pick my favorite thing about this book, but I think it might be all of the ways that it’s so inclusive – from the representation in the illustrations to the multiple ways that the writing can be accessed by different readers.
- S
(The book) is a hit with my son, his cousin, and grandpa – Teaching grandpa English as well as kids Korean!
- M
The book was a fun read and enjoyable. I really liked the simple illustration and color choices. It’s a great way to have my kids read and learn Korean as they relate with the story. 
- W
It is a lovely book and visually appealing. My 4 year old son enjoyed it.
- T

Let's Clean Up

The whole family comes together to make cleaning up fun!

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재미있는 숫자
재미있는 숫자

Fun Numbers

Join our silly friends for a number of ways to explore 서울 Seoul.

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재미있는 반대말
재미있는 반대말

Fun Opposites

This fall, discover and explore the 시장 (shi-jang) marketplace!

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